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Team Overview

LISA WISE CONSULTING, INC. (LWC) is an award-winning firm that specializes in land use planning and economic analysis aimed at promoting pedestrian and transit-oriented neighborhoods, revitalizing built environment, and facilitating sustainable, well-designed places to live, work, and recreate. LWC has a strong resumé in land use planning and zoning codes, with a constant focus on community involvement and economic revitalization. LWC has completed specific plans, zoning codes, and economic studies throughout California, as well as in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas. LWC acts as the lead firm and works collaboratively with the County, subconsultants, and the public.

RAIMI + ASSOCIATES is a multidisciplinary planning firm based in Berkeley, with offices in Riverside and Los Angeles. Their body of work includes General Plans, specific and precise plans, Transit Oriented Development plans and corridor plans, vision plans, community outreach and participation, and environmental review. Their firm's community planning expertise is complemented and informed by a dual focus on planning for public health and sustainability and nearly every project is focused on improving health and making communities sustainable.

SARGENT TOWN PLANNING (STP) is an urban planning consulting firm, specializing in the planning and design of sustainable pedestrian- and transit-oriented neighborhoods, districts, towns and cities. Founded by David Sargent in 1995, the firm provides a full range of urban planning and design services to public and private clients throughout the United States. STP's urban planning and design work integrates human-scale, pedestrian-oriented public space networks and multi-modal transportation systems with civic facilities and private development of all types to form complete, coherent and walkable communities.

TJKM is a multi-modal transportation firm that provides services throughout Northern and Central California. Their projects range in size from short-term engagements developing meaningful traffic solutions for a wide range of transportation issues to long-term planning for new developments, communities, and transportation systems. They specialize primarily in traffic safety, multi-modal studies, traffic engineering design, transportation planning, traffic operations, corridor studies, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), parking studies, transit and bike/pedestrian facilities planning and design development.