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Project Overview

The goal of the Castro Valley General Plan Implementation Project (Project) is to provide the community, the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council (CVMAC), the County Planning Commission, and the County Board of Supervisors with the tools to make well-informed decisions consistent with the Castro Valley community's long-term vision for growth and well-being. 

The Project will help implement the 2012 Castro Valley General Plan, as well as the 2006 Castro Valley Redevelopment Strategic Plan. The primary aspects of the Project will be revising the Alameda County Zoning Code and updating the Castro Valley Central Business District Specific Plan. Planned development adjacent to the Castro Valley BART station is anticipated serve as a catalyst for planned improvements necessary to revitalize of the Central Business District.

The Project has been divided into two distinct phases:

  1. Community-Wide Zoning and Map Update
  2. Castro Valley Central Business District Specific Plan Update

The Project will be characterized by open and ongoing communication with the community to keep all parties informed of project-related news.